Antiques By Design - Early Italian Renaissance Cherub & Griffin Carved Hall Chair

Early Italian Renaissance Cherub & Griffin Carved Hall Chair

Very impressive Early Italian Renaissance Cherub & Griffin carved hall chair. This chair is amazing masterfully carved throughout and very structurally solid & tight. Please have a good look at the images as words cannot do this chair justice. The back with Northwind face above heart shaped Egg crest flanked by Griffins swirling acanthus vines and floral medallion's surrounding the oval padded upholstered central medallion. Notice the backside which is entirely carved and there are some very well done old repairs. The arms extend out to the carved winged Cherubim at the front and are set over carved standing bearded & winged Griffins with long scaled tail scrolling around huge flower heads which make up the pierced and sides of this magnificent chair. The unusual lob legs and foot finished with acanthus and floral carved decoration. The wear or softening on the carving throughout speaks to the chairs age


  • Price: $3,800.00 Canadian
  • Circa: 1880
  • ID Number: B - 1790
  • Dimensions: 32" wide x 20" deep x 43" high
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